after successfully swapping tokens from the erc-20 base to INTchain. now INTChain launches a smartphone wallet.

As an INT Chain gateway, Smart Wallet is a mobile wallet application that is easy to operate, providing safe, reliable and efficient services in private key custodians and transaction payments.

In the past few months, our technical team has been immersed in its development, including building, testing, integrating and optimizing.

Because security always takes precedence, and we have made some progress to ensure the security of the App's wallet:

1, We make many security tests to ensure customer experience.

2, To protect user privacy, we ensure that many processes are carried out on your mobile without being connected online. that is, even when offline, you can also run the entire signature process, which ensures that no one can reach your private key.

3, We also launched the Slow Fog gift plan to ensure the safety of this Application. Slow Mist is a well-known security audit company, which focuses on blockchain security.

Smart Wallet 1.0 will have basic functions, including transferring, risking, selecting, deleting records, and transaction records, etc. The next step, we will develop a wallet ecosystem such as IoT, stakes economy, games, DAPP, etc. And continue to optimize the system.

We thank our community members for your patience during this process. And we believe this wallet is worth the wait. Android is available now. Please download, we hope you enjoy using Smart Wallet!

Download link:


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