This is the result of a joint work for the community development. We would like to thanks every people from the French community by creating contents, vote for every poll, spread the word and a great image of INT.

1.                   Creating different media such as medium with FR translations of every articles including those from Nicolas Graytrain : https://medium.com/int-chain-fr

2.                  Creation of a Youtube channel with the corporate video translation

3.                   Creating video content on youtube. Example :



4.                   Updated INT threads on French forums

Development of the image of INT and its FR community via social networks

Telegram FR 350 members !

5.                   Successful contact with French youtubers and influencers.

Mobilizing the community around votes for the distribution of content videos on INTCHAIN

The Bounty will be used to thanks the community for their work and create a french contest with it...

And that's just the beginning ! Thank you.