Since the global naming contest of the INT Chain Wallet App started on March 19th, we received 507 names, and selected 75 names which posted to vote. About 16,000 people participated in this voting, the total number of votes is 35,324. After a fierce competition, we got top 10 names as following:


In addition, each name has been officially reviewed will receive 50INT as reward. The release of all rewards for this event will be completed within 7 working days after the announcement.

We are pleased to announce that Smart Wallet has become the official name of our INT Wallet App. We can say Smart Wallet matches the philosophy of INT Chain in the following three aspects:

1, INT Chain’s Smart Industries layout

Smart represents the layout of INT Chain in Smart Industries, such as the smart construction site project with HICC and China Telecom’s Esurfing blockchain router project.

2, INT Chain’s unique smart contract design

Smart represents INT Chain’s INT Smart contract design. INT’s semi-customized smart contract design can significantly improve operational efficiency, avoid smart contract vulnerabilities, and has strong scalability.

3, The Smart INT Chain wallet

Smart also represents the smarter and more user-friendly features of the INT Chain wallet. The INT wallet app is part of the INT product ecosystem, allowing users to use richer applications on the smart INT wallet app while continuously integrating more product features to meet everyone’s needs.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for participating in the INT Chain wallet naming contest. Smart Wallet is the name selected by the community users, and it also gives the community users the expectation of a smart INT wallet.

INT Chain: “A world connected, a better world”

Smart Wallet


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