1. Promotion Bounty Candidate:

- Junn [Andromeda] in the INT Telegram channels. 

2. Goals:

- Provide an alternative user friendly and reliable block explorer for INT Chain. 

- Add new features to the block explorer and keep it up to date with the network.

- Provide tech support to newcomers with online documentation. Making the token swap, voting, and rewards process as easy as possible to learn. 

- Provide a community portal to promote INT related news and updates. 

3. Results so far:

- Launched Nodescan Block Explorer. https://nodescan.io

- Launched NodeNexus website with user friendly tech guides to token swap, vote, and receive rewards. https://nodenexus.io

- Launched Internet Node Community website. The website is linked on CoinMarketCap as "Website 2" on the INT info page. https://internetnode.co

4. Plan for spending bounty fund:

- It will go towards hosting fees for Nodescan and NodeNexus. Currently using a high-end hosting company for maximum reliability. We will need to upgrade the hosting plan when the INT network grows and we receive more daily visitors to Nodescan.  

- To pay subscription fees for the CoinMarketCap real-time data API for graphs and data display on Nodescan Block Explorer. ($79 per month) 

5. Continual work:

- Maintaining and updating Nodescan and NodeNexus functionality and content. 

- Updating Internet Node Community website.