1- Who We Are:

The INT Global Community Promotion group led by Bertrand (BerNode) and Jason Robert.

2- Our Goals:

  • Grow the awareness of INT from the IoT industry. 

  • Grow the awareness of INT from the cryptocurrency industry.

  • Make a stronger community.

  • Make a more active community.

  • Educate followers of INT about the technical aspects of INT and IoT.

  • Enter debates about cryptocurrency technology and promote INT.

  • Increase INT’s social media following.

3- Track-Record:

  • Contact Influencers and initiate video/written review:

  1. Patrick Corsino (20k+ followers).

    1. YouTube.

    2. Published July 8th.

    3. https://youtu.be/Un2ScZ2NSyw?t=927

  2. Teddy (20k+ followers).

    1. Twitter and https://www.cryptofreaknetwork.com/

    2. Podcast recorded, to be published this week.

    3.  https://twitter.com/teddycleps

  3. Won Telegram poll for a Project Review by Crypto Signals (10k+ followers).

    1. Telegram

    2. To be published.

    3. https://t.me/CryptoExpertSignals

  4. On-going discussions with several influencers totalising 200k+ followers and across different social media supports, and much more in our pipeline. 

  • Initiate Kucoin Community listing participation and received many entries from the INT Community.

  • Won review request from Pick your Crypto (5k+ followers):


4- Twitter Awareness Campaign:

Pick your Crypto, 5k+ followers:


Uptrennd, 1k+ followers:


Eljaboom, 25k+ followers:


Bob Hopium, 2k+ followers:


Jessica Walker, 4k+ followers:


Jonathan Habicht, 9k+ followers:


Crypto Rand, 200k+ followers:


5- What’s Coming:

  • Run Twitter campaigns about INT.

  • Participate in more exchange listing community voting.

  • Build Twitter accounts for IoT related INT news.

  • Build a bigger following on several social media platforms.

  • Engage and increase activity on Reddit.

  • Create infographics about INT.

6- Plan for Spending of the Bounty Funds:

The bounty will be used to incentivize the community to perform tasks and reward individuals that actively contributes to spread INT’s message. 

Through different milestones we will encourage the community members to actively promote INT on different social media platforms.

More details in 5- above.