Hello there !

I'm Mathieu, I'm one of the admins of the Telegram INTChain French Community (282 members), I've created and manage the french-speaking Medium since May, 27th : https://medium.com/int-chain-fr/

French Medium stats (on July, 3rd) in attachments.

I've made many translations from English to French, and they're detailed below.

0. Translated the White Paper

1. Translated those amazing tech articles from Graytrain : 

INT and Polkadot — Heterogeneous Multi-Chain Framework

- Mimblewimble in IoT

- Elliptic-Curve Cryptography

- What is Internet Node Token (INT)? — The White Paper Digested

2. Translated INT Chain official announcements, and the Mr. Yin Xiangyu's online speech, published biweekly's.

3. Translated The Prospects of INT Chain - Blockchain + IoT Application

4. Translated GSMA's PDF "Growing IoT in China"

5. Wrote a practical guide for the INT web wallet, and some short, easy-to-read, papers about INT Chain and its tech are coming.

6. Actively helped french people on the official FR telegram group, updated forum threads

In the next weeks and months, I will continue this work, because I want to help french-speaking people to discover and understand the tech behind the INT Chain project.

These translations have been hours of discoveries, reseach, exciting readings, and I'm so glad when I realize more and more is coming !

Thank you !