Since INT Wallet naming contest was completed, the development of INT Wallet app  is ongoing. In order to promote the promotion of the wallet App, INT Chain invited all members of  INT Chain community to participate in the INT wallet logo design contest. As of May 31, INT Chain has received nearly a hundred of works from global community. INT Chain is grateful to community members for their support and attention! 

After initial review, Now 33  logos are published for voting. Please vote and choose your favorite INT Smart Wallet logo!

自INT钱包命名活动结束以来,INT钱包APP开发也在同步进行。为了更好地促进钱包APP的传播推广,INT Chain邀请了INT Chain社区全体成员参加此次INT钱包logo创意征集活动。截止5月31日,INT Chain收到了来自海内外近百份logo设计作品,在此,INT Chain感谢海内外社区成员对我们的支持和关注!因为你们的参与,让INT有了更多的活力!

经过初步审核后,INT Chain官方筛选出了33份作品参与本次投票,赶紧来为你欣赏的作品投票吧!